Fish in a Tree

New Orleans, LA

Fish in a Tree is a community center that serves the neurodiverse community in New Orleans.

Fish in a Tree offers the following consulting and related services for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses

One-to-One Private Neurodiversity Consulting Sessions

Private Neurodiversity Training Sessions - New Sessions Added Monthly

Speaking Engagements 

Half and Full Day Neurodiversity Workshops

Consultation on Neurodiversity Inclusion Strategies

Panel Discussions and Round Table Participation

Neurodiversity Awareness Training for Organizations

Virtual Presentations and Webinars

In-Person Custom Retreats

Neurodiversity Assessments/Audits and Recommendations

Collaboration on Neurodiversity Advocacy Projects/Programs

Neurodiversity Resources and Materials Development

Podcast and Interview Appearances

Writing and Contributing Articles on Neurodiversity

Health Club management software