Fish in a Tree

New Orleans, LA

Fish in a Tree is a community center that serves the neurodiverse community in New Orleans.


Welcome to Fish in a Tree, a vibrant and welcoming haven dedicated to celebrating and supporting neurodiversity in all its magnificent forms. Here, you'll find a community that values and champions the unique strengths and perspectives of neurodivergent individuals. Our commitment is to foster an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of their neurodivergent identity, can thrive, learn, and be embraced for who they are. We offer a range of programs, services, and resources aimed at promoting understanding, empowerment, and the well-being of neurodiverse individuals and their families. Whether you're looking for support, education, or a sense of belonging, Fish in a Tree is here for you. Welcome to a place that celebrates the diversity of minds and the beauty it brings to our world.

Our Community

At Fish in a Tree, our services are designed to address the needs of autistic individuals, people with ADD/ADHD, various learning differences, sensory processing differences, and many other neurodivergent conditions. We support both professionally and self-identified neurodivergent community members as well as their families, supporters, and allies. Moreover, we warmly welcome those who are curious or seeking information to better understand neurodiversity and the Neurodiversity Movement.

About Us

Fish in a Tree is a vital and inclusive neurodiversity community center that embraces and supports individuals across the spectrum of neurodivergence. It serves as a beacon for the celebration, understanding, and empowerment of neurodivergent individuals, fostering a space where their unique strengths and capabilities are recognized and encouraged. Through its programs and initiatives, Fish in a Tree contributes significantly to the promotion of social inclusion and the well-being of neurodiverse communities, locally in New Orleans and beyond.

Through community partnerships, Fish in a Tree extends its reach and impact, fostering a collaborative network that enriches the support available to neurodivergent individuals and their families. By aligning with various organizations, host sites, and partners, Fish in a Tree amplifies its ability to provide diverse and tailored services, ensuring that neurodiverse communities receive comprehensive support and resources. These collaborations enable a more widespread delivery of neurodiversity education, consultation, and access to inclusive programs, fostering a more supportive and understanding environment for neurodivergent individuals in the community.

We celebrate the diversity of minds and work to change the current societal structures, environments, and attitudes that pose great challenges to the neurodiversity community. By offering neurodiversity consultation, Fish in a Tree provides essential guidance and expertise to diverse groups, organizations, and businesses, fostering environments that are inclusive and supportive of neurodivergent individuals. These consultations are rooted in a deep understanding of neurodiversity, enabling the customization of strategies that promote accessibility, accommodation, and the celebration of neurodiverse talents within various settings. We are committed to championing neurodiversity across all sectors of our beloved city and beyond.

Fish in a Tree is proud to be raising neurodiversity visibility and acceptance in New Orleans, and to share our commitment to creating safe, inclusive, and accessible spaces where everyone is valued for their unique strengths and perspectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where neurodiversity is celebrated and accommodated without stigma or barriers.

Programs and Services

We provide a variety of services, including regular and special programs, educational sessions, and community events, all designed to empower neurodivergent individuals and their families. Through our work, we strive to foster independence, support overall well-being, and offer resources tailored to the specific needs of the neurodiverse community. Our programs and services are offered virtually and in person at local host organizations and community partner sites. We also provide neurodiversity education, training, and consultation to groups, organizations, and businesses including educators, healthcare providers, therapeutic service providers, museums, area attractions, entertainment venues, non-profits, employers, and more.  See our schedule for current offerings.

Community Engagement

Our virtual and in-person programs offer a range of activities, from workshops to social events, fostering a supportive community for neurodivergent individuals, their families, supporters, and allies.

Consultation Services

We provide training and consultation to various organizations and businesses, aiming to create inclusive and accommodating environments for neurodiverse community members.

Educational Outreach

With a focus on neurodiversity education, we offer resources and guidance to schools, healthcare providers, businesses, and more, promoting a greater understanding of diverse neurological abilities.

Research and Resources

We base our practices on the latest scientific research and statistical evidence that emphasizes the value and strengths of neurodiversity. Our programming and resources incorporate lessons learned from the most recent studies and findings in the field, supporting our commitment to an evidence-based, affirming approach.

Join Us

Whether you're a neurodivergent individual, a family member, or someone eager to learn and understand more about neurodiversity, Fish in a Tree welcomes everyone. Join us in celebrating diversity, fostering inclusion, and contributing to a world that appreciates and values the unique strengths of every individual.

Get in Touch

We are always here to support you. If you have any questions, require further information, or wish to collaborate with us, please reach out. Fish in a Tree is dedicated to creating a more inclusive, accepting, and supportive world for all.

Watch Fish in a Tree’s founding director, Bridgette Hamstead, discuss Neurodiversity and Inclusion on the InDialogue series presented by the Louisiana Children’s Museum.